Feature #

Image Optimization #

WebP Cloud will try to convert all your images to WebP/AVIF image and send the optimized image to your visitor(if the WebP/AVIF image is smaller), besides, by removing image metadata will make the image even smaller, and potentially reduce the risk of EXIF privacy leak.

Original (1.73MB, PNG) Optimized (1.21MB, WebP)
https://docs.webp.se/images/demo.jpg https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg

You can adjust Quality level from 10% to 100% on Proxy edit page, the higher the percent, the higher the image quality will be, and with Quality set to 100% means you want to use lossless convert.

Please note that if you’ve changed Quality Level in dashboard, a Cache Purge is required to take effect.

Image Resize #

Currently, we support the following params:

  • height
  • width

both are in px.

If you set both width and height, your image will be cropped using attention crop to maintain your width-height ratio, like this:

attention crop: look for features likely to draw human attention

Optimized (1.21MB, WebP) With width (32.57KB, WebP) With both width and height(will crop) (26.61KB, WebP)
https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?width=200 https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?width=200&height=100
Animated images(GIF) are also supported

Original Image


With WebP Cloud


With WebP Cloud and ?width=200


Flip #

  • flip

Available options are: v(vertical), h(horizontal), b(Both vertical and horizontal)

Optimized Flip vertical Flip horizontal Flip Both
https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?flip=v https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?flip=h https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?flip=b

Quality #

  • quality

Override quality set in dashboard, available quality range from 10 ~ 100(100 means lossless convert)

Optimized Quality 10 Quality 80 Quality 100
https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?quality=10 https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?quality=80 https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?quality=100

Blur #

  • blur

Available blur range from 10 ~ 100

Optimized Blur 10 Blur 80 Blur 100
https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?blur=10 https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?blur=80 https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?blur=100

Sharpen #

  • sharpen

Sharpen the image, available sharpen range from 1 ~ 10

Optimized Sharpen 5 Sharpen 9
https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?sharpen=5 https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?sharpen=9

Rotate #

  • rotate

Available rotate angle range from 0 ~ 360, however if angle is not 90, 180, 270, 360, it will be filled with white background

Optimized Rotate 90 Rotate 270 Rotate 60
https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?rotate=90 https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?rotate=270 https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?rotate=60

Brightness #

  • brightness

Adjust brightness of the image, available range from 0 ~ 10, 1 means no change

Optimized Brightness 0.2 Brightness 3
https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?brightness=0.2 https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?brightness=3

Saturation #

  • saturation

Adjust saturation of the image, available range from 0 ~ 10, 1 means no change

Optimized Saturation 0 Saturation 0.5 Saturation 3
https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?saturation=0 https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?saturation=0.5 https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?saturation=3

Hue #

  • hue

Adjust hue of the image, available range from 0 ~ 360, hue will be 0 for no change, 90 for a complementary hue shift, 180 for a contrasting shift, 360 for no change again.

Optimized Hue 45 Hue 90 Hue 180
https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?hue=45 https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?hue=90 https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?hue=180

Contrast #

  • contrast

Adjust contrast of the image, available range from 0 ~ 10, 1 means no change

Optimized Contrast 0.5 Contrast 3 Contrast 6
https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?contrast=0.5 https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?contrast=3 https://559a238.webp.ee/images/demo.jpg?contrast=6