WebP Cloud

Welcome to WebP Cloud #

WebP Cloud is an innovative real-time service that effortlessly enhances and optimizes your images to achieve lightning-fast image delivery, minimize bandwidth usage, and empower intelligent dynamic image manipulation. This cutting-edge solution offers a user-friendly query API, facilitating seamless integration and interaction with the service’s features.

With WebP Cloud, your images undergo automatic optimization to ensure superior performance and efficient utilization of resources.

Live Demo #

Original Image

88.73KB, png


With WebP Cloud

16.24KB, AVIF

(AVIF is smaller than WebP version in this image)


(This user is using custom domain webp.strrl.dev)

With WebP Cloud and ?width=100

2.2KB, WebP

(WebP is smaller than AVIF version in this image)


(This user is using custom domain webp.strrl.dev)

Get Started #

Basic usage #

Some basic usage about WebP Cloud.

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Cache #

Currently all the images will be cached and served from cache after first request, unless a “Purge cache” is triggered.

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Access #

After Proxy creation, how should I use it on my website?

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Features #

How many features do we have?

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